Join the battle for monetary sovereignty


Join the battle of galactic monetary sovereignty against the evil Central Banking Federation today with your very own Hashbot or Satoshian limited edition NFT. Become a squadron leader and collect as many NFT Hashbots as you can!

Choose your battle ground…

In the vast wonder of the universe, there was a galaxy called the Blockchain Galaxy. This small part of the universe was filled with unique individuals called the Satoshians. They lived in peace and harmony and worked together as an intergalactic race to create a free and open economy for all to enjoy.

In the outer reaches of the galaxy, there was the Jekyll System, were there lived a race of Reptillians that were a group of beings that though they were far superior to any other race in the galaxy and wanted to take control and absorb all of the resources in the universe. These Reptillians got together to form an alliance that became known across the universe as the Central Banking Federation.

The CBF hoped to achieve their goal by making each galaxy bend to their wills by taking control over their working economies and stripping them of all of their energy and resources. Well, when they got to the Blockchain Galaxy, they were not expecting the uprising that they were about to meet! The Satoshians knew of the CBF’s evil plan and vowed to protect their free and open society by creating an Army of HashBots who’s job was to verify all transactions made in the galactic economy. This would ensure the Reptillians would not be able to gain a strong hold. But they would have the fight of their lives!

The HashBot Army, led by a small group of brave Satoshians were split into teams and spread among the different systems in the Blockchain Galaxy that were most vulnerable attack from the Central Banking Federation.

Join the battle for galactic monetary sovereignty by collecting your HashBot or Satoshian! Collect more than one and start your own HashBot squadron to protect your monetary freedom!

The Satoshians were born and bred on the Planet Satoshi with their own unique BTC identification number. They all have extremely unique personalities and traits but all have the same common goal, to live life abundantly as free and sovereign people with a free and open economy.

The Satoshians are the creators and leaders of the HashBot Army that was created to save the Blockchain Galaxy against the evil Central Banking Federation.

Each deployment will see a total of 21 Satoshians that will lead their chosen HashBot team. 2 additional Satoshians will be sent to the Hive Blockchain, and join the HashBot Council to help manage the entire campaign against the CBF.


Each Hashbot is a unique encrypted machine designed to do one thing, protect the integrity and sovereignty of the monetary policies of the galaxy that the evil Central Banking Federation is trying to destroy. These bots were created in the Robohash Bot factory, in which each bot was created uniquely and algorithmically with a specific BTC, LTC, or DOGE encrypted hash or, otherwise known as an address. This makes each bot unique in it’s own way. They may have different looks, but they all are built to protect and verify the blockchain galaxy!

The BTC bots are the elite bots of the army. They were created to set the base standard for the rest of the Hashbot army. They are by far the most secure force in the galaxy and our first line of defense against the evil CBF. The BTC bots are often referred to as the Maxi Force.

The LTC Commandos are very similar to the BTC Maxi Force, but are smaller in stature, produce faster transactions, and are more in number.

The DOGE Battalion are derived of the original design but changed to be much smaller and faster than the BTC or LTC HashBots. Being they are created with less resources, they are not as secure, but as much larger in number than either of the other 2 HashBot squads. These HashBots are able to be further spread throughout the Blockchain Galaxy to assist the Satoshians and the other HashBot squads defeat the evil Central Banking Federation.

You can verify the image creation of the bot by going to the bot factory, then copy the hash address without the precursor (So do not copy the Satoshian, BTC-, LTC-, or DOGE- part… Just the address). Then go to the site and paste address into the text box and hit generate. You should get the same bot. You have to use the URL parameters listed on the site to check the Satoshians, but you will get the same results.

Read the introduction post by the founder, @thelogicaldude, on the Hive blockchain

Binance and Polygon Solar Systems


Small groups of BTC HashBots and Satoshians were randomly chosen to be deployed as early recon and mission base setup teams. These teams have begun their journey to their selected solar systems and will be deployed for recon missions at the end of the timer countdown!

2 Satoshians and 10 HashBots have been launched to the HIVE Solar System. This team has been commissioned to act as the BTC Council and will oversee the mission from the NFTShowroom

2 Satoshians and 5 HashBots have been launched to the Binance Solar System

2 Satoshians and 5 HashBots have been launched to the Polygon Solar System

HiveLIST Solar System

Delayed, waiting on Mission Base to be completed

2 Satoshians and 5 BTC HashBots will be launched to the HiveLIST Outpost once the base is complete in October!


The first deployment of Hashbots are 100 in number lead by the first team of 21 Satoshians and will be split up into 3 teams and sent to the other blockchain star systems: Binance BSC, Polygon, and WAX

The following deployments will be split into similar teams, but with higher numbers.

10 BTC Hashbots and 2 Satoshians were sent to the HIVE Solar System and established the BTC Council.

30 BTC Hashbots and 7 Satoshians

Deployed to the Binance Solar System

30 BTC Hashbots and 7 Satoshians

Deployed to the Polygon Solar System

30 BTC Hashbots and 7 Satoshians

Planned for HiveLIST Outpost for October 2021.


There are more of the LTC Commandos than the BTC Maxi Force. 400 total LTC bots were created for deployment and are to be lead by another group of 21 brave Satoshians. These bots can get into places with less energy spent than the BTC Maxi force but not quite as strong and secure. These HashBots certainly have their advantages of being able to get into places faster and using less energy resources.

200 LTC Hashbots and 7 Satoshians

Deployed to the Binance Solar System

100 LTC Hashbots and 7 Satoshians

Deployed to the Polygon Solar System

100 LTC Hashbots and 7 Satoshians

Planned for HiveLIST Outpost for October 2021.


The third deployment is the release of the battalion of DOGE Hashbots. This is the final wave of the initial attack and are the standard battle bots. This wave will see the largest number of bots to be deployed at 1000 DOGE bots, led by another brave team of 21 Satoshians. These bots will be sent across the three systems to help the larger, more vulnerable, population take control of their sovereign galactic economy. Remember, remember the 5th of November!

400 DOGE Hashbots and 7 Satoshians

Deployed to the Binance Solar System

300 DOGE Hashbots and 7 Satoshians

Deployed to the Polygon Solar System

300 DOGE Hashbots and 7 Satoshians

Planned for HiveLIST Outpost for October 2021.

Follow deployment updates on the HIVE blockchain via or Twitter!

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Recon Team of #HashBots and #Satoshians #NFTs have been launched to the #WAX #blockchain via! Already submitted request for whitelisting as well! Launching for sale in just a bit!… [Full post on Hive blockchain…]

Interstellar Exchange

Prepare for your mission by stocking up on the needed currency for your chosen system.

Simply select the chosen currency you want to exchange for your needed currency and then enter the receiving address.
Exchanges can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour to complete.
For safety, make sure to copy your exchange ID incase you need support for your exchange. But we suggest being patient. This is an exchange aggregator and finds the best rates between the several exchanges it works with.

Trade for BNB on BSC

Trade for Polygon (MATIC)

Join the battle against the Central Banking Federation today by acquiring your very own Hashbot or Satoshian NFT, or start your own squadron by collecting more!

Pick the system in which you will be doing battle or start a multi system squadron!

All links and menus will be active once bases have been established in those solar systems!